viernes, 21 de noviembre de 2008


He can break the code.
Can you look after the children?
Our life can be easy.
I can't believe it! It can't have been stolen.
How can I contact him?
Can I help you? Yes, please.

He could be her brother.
He could have been her brother.
20 years ago you couldn't download music from the internet.
In the summer we could watch TV all day.
The teacher said we could do another activity.

You must have heard the noise.
Nowadays, you mustn't download music illegally from the Internet.
You must be ready to deal with many things.
You mustn't panic in a bad situation.
It must be exciting to be an excellent tennisplayer.

You should turn the computer off when there is a storm.
You should speak to your parents.
You shouldn't take drugs.
I should have listened to my friend.
I know that I shouldn't have lost my temper.

You aren't feeling well. You ought to see a doctor.
He ought to have said no.
People ought to pay to download music.
Shops ought to reduce their prices.
She ought to have arrived yesterday from her holidays. Did she arrive?

She may be able to pass her exam.
She may have dyed her hair.
They may have left early.
I may come back next year.
May I show you the new clothes collection?

She might have called while we were out.
She might have a boyfriend.
He might not have sent the mail.
It might be a monkey.
The government might put a tax on the cinemas.

You don't have to know much about mathematics at all.
You have to contact the police.
They don't have to show you any answer. Be carefull with the questions.
Everybody has to enter with shoes.
I have to sell my book collection.

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