jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2008



I was born in Eivissa on March 25, 1966. My mother always said that I was born early; I started walking at nine months and talking at twelve.
I started school at the age of four. The school, which I attended, is not in the same place today.
My little brother was born five years after me. During our childhood we didn’t get on very well, but now everything is different and we are very good friends.
I was growing. When I was sixteen years old, I met my future husband. Obviously, for the first six years he was my boyfriend. We are still married and have two children: a boy of eighteen and a girl of thirteen.
Since 2006, I have been studying at the university. My wish is to become a teacher. I had always wanted to do this but I stopped studying too early. Two years ago, I saw my chance: my children were older and I could take sometime for myself.
These days I am teaching in a school in Sant Antoni. I love the environment and my work with special children and with special situations. Every day is different.
Will I be a good teacher? I dream that I will be a good teacher but I get very scared.
Now I want to finish as soon as possible, but it will be impossible before next June. I guess I will finish in June.
I like to think that next year at this time I will be teaching in a school.
My life will be more stable, secure and I will be working at what I have chosen.
Mª del Carmen Torres Serra.
Eivissa, November 18, 2008

sábado, 6 de diciembre de 2008


I wish I wasn't bored.
I wish I could pay you.
I wish I had some money.
I wish he would tidy his room from time to time.
I wish I didn't talk so much.
I wish he hadn't died.
I wish I had seen you.



I'll go to the beach if it's sunny.

We'll get something to eat if we get hungry.

If I get dirty, I'll have a shower.

If it rains, we'll go to the cinema.

I won't phone if you don't want me to.


If I went to the gym every day, I would be really fit.

If Peter didn't spend money like water, he wouldn't be in debt.

She would have more friends if she wasn't so unpleasant to people.

If she had reecognised him, she would have said hello.

If we lived in the country, we would go for a walk every day.


If she had recognised him, she would have said hello.

If I had had the money, I would have visited my sister in Australia.

He wouldn't have gone on the trip if he had known what the weather wa going to be like.

If I had known you were ill, I would have phoned you.

If you had had a car, you would have come in it.